Bravo Regatta

Features and benefits

  • Different damping schemes
  • Compass and/or Wind based for your navigation calculations
  • Improved and advanced What If information
  • Layline information
  • Race course templates to assist in waypoint placement
  • Different boat geometries supported (mono hulls and multi hulls)
  • Match racing features for tactical decisions
  • Optimum position and isochrone to start on time
  • Advanced maneuvers prediction


Bravo Regatta is the most advanced tactical software available for in-shore regattas. It is the result of all the ideas developed in the last two America’s Cups and incorporates the feedback of the best navigators and tacticians.

Bravo Regatta is developed using the flexible software “Bravo On Deck”. Our engineers have produced a product that provides you with the most advanced calculations and screens for a windward/leeward regatta.

Take more control of your navigation and tactical functions. Different damping can be applied to the wind information without interfering with your instrument system.

Manage your waypoints quickly and easily and set-up your regatta geometry using our course templates.

Use different “What Ifs” simultaneously to provide the crew with the best layline information.The time to laylines for your current, maximum left and maximum right wind are always available with only one click. Tactical functions such as attack and defence bearings, shadows, etc. are calculated and shown on the navigation package.

Take advantage of all the advanced features in the starting package. Features such as the time to line predictions for the typical maneuvers and an intuitive mechanism to show you if you are on time or not.

Bravo Regatta communicates natively with Bravo3 processor. But if you want to take advantage of Bravo Regatta software on other electronic systems you can connect Bravo Regatta to Deckman for Windows as the instrument source.

The tactical and navigation functions are calculated using the wind and compass simultaneously, providing you with more reliable data.


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