Bravo3 Processor

Features and benefits

  • RS232 serial ports, analog inputs, pulse ports, I/O ports and analog outputs
  • Scalable through CAN bus
  • Regulated 5V, 6.5V and 12V power supplies for sensors
  • Input DC/DC integrated allow battery voltages between 10V and 30V
  • Network (DNS, DHCP, NTP, etc.) and database services available
  • Web interface
  • High level of customization capabilities


Bravo3 is a light and compact unit that provides an  unprecedented  amount  of  sensor  inputs  and processing power.   Installation is a breeze with its “one  sensor  one  connector”  philosophy  and  “one tool” approach.   The wide input supply range 10-30V  gives  maximum  flexibility  for  power  supply choice and its low power specs maximize battery life.   Polarity   reversal   protection   together   with voltage,   current   and   temperature   monitoring provide added peace of mind.

Today almost everyone is familiar with state-dependent functions on the on-deck displays, the ability to re-simulate your sailing data, dynamic damping and distributed CAN networks to name just a few; they were all features that Bravo Systems pioneered. We continue to lead innovation with database support, customized audio data output, a real time alarm system, auto sensor checking and fully user-customized navigation software being among the new and unique features introduced by Bravo Systems.

Bravo3 is a hardware platform specifically designed to run sailsys. It is a compact, light and low power design, but at the same time it provides a large number of inputs, sufficient for most common scenarios. When running out of ports on the processor several options are available: for example, adding a second processor, using Ethernet serial servers, or with remote CAN devices using mantracan protocol or RacingBravo Modules.

Bravo3 runs a standard linux distribution customized by BravoSystems to fit in a flash card. Bravo3 includes by default useful services that make some tasks easier. For example it has a NTP server so other computers on the network can get GPS time synchronization. It also includes a DCHP server, a DNS server, a FTP and a SambaServer that allow easy access to log and setup files, it has also SSH and telnet that give access to the Operating System. On some setups a Mysql database can be installed.

The processor comes with a small web server that runs a web application that can change main operation setup features like network setup, service availability, sailsys service, setup and logging file access.

As Bravo3 runs a standard linux distribution advanced users that are familiar to linux systems will have the option to extend the functionality of the processor installing new packages.

Although Bravo3 is the perfect hardware platform to run sailsys for almost all solutions there are versions of Sailsys that can also run on other Linux or Windows machines, please contact Bravo Systems for further details.

Bravo3  is  the  architecture  that  we  feel  is  best  suited  for  small  to  medium  high performance racing boats. We have engineered a compromise between size, performance, features, flexibility, ease of use, power consumption and price. The possibilities of the system extend far beyond those offered on our standard package. Let us know what you need and we will work together to provide the most effective solution possible.

We are also very aware that customer support is just as important as having a good product. Our support team and partners will be there to assist you when you need them.

If you want to have the latest improvements on a robust and compact platform, Bravo3 processor with Bravo Systems technologies are what you need.

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Dimensions 241 x 184 x 96 mm

Weight 1.2 Kg

0ºC to 70ºC

-40ºC to 85ºC available on request

Vin 10V to 30V
Power Less than 10W
Vout Regulated 12V - 6A
Regulated 6.5V - 1A
Regulated 5V - 1A
High precision 5V - 400mA
CAN bus 2 x CAN interfaces 2.0A & 2.0B
Serial ports 2 x RS232 nine wires
4 x RS232/422/485
2 x RS232 three wires

16 x AD Channels, 0-10V

*4-20mA inputs jumper selectable

Pulses 4 x Pulse inputs
I/O 2 x Digital inputs, 0-12V
2 x Digital outputs , 0-5V -40mA
Ethernet 1 x GigE port
Operating System Linux
Administration Web interface administration control
Services FTP, Database, NTP, DNS, DHCP