Our engineering services are the mechanism by which you can tailor your Bravo Systems instrument system to meet your exact needs.


One of the most common scenarios is one in which the navigator has in mind a particular starting screen which includes data and/or has a layout that is not found in any commercial software. We can provide such a screen easily as the very nature of BravoOnDeck is customization!  This is one of the stand out features that makes this program quite unique.

Data Analysis

Having the best electronic system in the market will certainly help you win races. However only looking at the data during the racing does not maximize your potential nor the systems.  You need to take it one step further and look back at what the data can tell you about your performance and learn what you can do better. We can provide you with the necessary tools and training to do it.

Remote Assistance

There will be times when things go wrong. It is an inevitable fact of marine electronics life that something somewhere will stop working, a careless kick, a damaged seal, a leaking hatch... can cause all sorts of problems... We can be there to help you, even if we will not be with you physically... BravoRemote is a device that can be plugged into our Bravo3 processor and through which our engineers can remotely log into it. Once they can communicate with Bravo3 they can run our diagnostic tools and help you find out what is causing the problems in the system. This can be invaluable when you need quick reaction time!