The main difference in our approach is that we have not designed a product that solves a specific problem. We have instead developed a framework that allows the end user to build the system he needs. Our tools make it easy, safe and fast to deploy customized solutions in the domain of data acquisition, sailing instrumentation and navigation tools.

Having such a flexible framework does result in a set of tools that can appear big and complex as they are tools that can be applied to solve a big range of different problems. On the other hand our tools can be seen as software development tools that enable the deployment of new custom solutions for quite a wide set of common problems faster, safer and with less skill requirements that standard software development. Hence once the user has learnt how to use the tools, the need to develop software and use external development systems is greatly minimized and the potential of reusing the same tools in different scenarios is big.

The most important Bravo System components are Sailsys, BravoOnDeck and Bravo3:

  • Sailsys is the software application used to perform the data acquisition, real time data processing and logging. It usually also serves as a point of data distribution for third parties solutions. It has a windows version and a version designed to be embedded on a Bravo3 platform.
  • BravoOnDeck is the Sailsys Graphical User interface application. It runs on Windows and connects to Sailsys using TCP/IP.
  • Bravo3 is an embedded hardware platform specially designed to have Sailsys running on it. Its main feature is that it has a rich set of hardware input ports in a very compact, light and low power format.

A standard implementation is to have one instance of Sailsys performing all the data acquisition, real time data processing and data logging running on a Bravo3 unit and one or more instances of BravoOnDeck connected to the sailsys application through a wired or wireless network that allows it to interact with the system and to have specialized views of the data.

Bravo System technologies has been applied to a rich set of different scenarios like instruments for sailing boats, testing instruments, weather instruments, navigation and tactical solutions among others.