Technologies - BravoOnDeck

Bravo On Deck

BravoOnDeck is a windows application. It enables the design of user interfaces (UI) that will allow the manipulation and visualization of Sailsys data.

BravoOnDeck is also a component orientated design and has has the same scripting language as Sailsys. Given that Sailsys' functionality is defined by the user it seemed appropriate to create a system that would allow the user to design his custom UI based on the architecture he built on Sailsys.

Although BravoOnDeck functionality is also described in setup files, all the functionality can be designed graphically using the integrated Designer. Following Sailsys design, BravoOnDeck comes with an extensive set of components that will allow accessing, visualizing and manipulating Sailsys data.

If a BravoOnDeck application is launched with no setup file an empty form appears. The application basically does nothing. By right clicking on that window the designer can be enabled, so that forms can be created, components dropped into the forms and properties from forms and components manipulated.

Scripting language in BravoOnDeck adds an extra functionality as many components have events that can be triggered by certain situations. These events can be use to execute scripting commands. The commands can be executed on the local BravoOnDeck scripting engine (for example to open a new form when doing click on a buttom) or in the remote Sailsys scripting engile (for example to change between GPS1 and GPS2).

BravoOnDeck and Sailsys use a special binary protocol named SRCP. The protocol allows multiple client connections to Sailsys and multiple BravoOnDeck connections to more than one Sailsys at time. Limits on connectivity are not set on BravoOnDeck or Sailsys architecture but the computer load, and network bandwidth usage will certainly impose limits on what a specific solution can manage at a time.

BravoOnDeck design is powerful as it enables the creation of many different applications or views using the same tool. For example a BravoOnDeck version can be created just for calibration. A BravoOnDeck can be designed just to visualize numbers and graphs but not able to change any calibration, as well as a version with just a prestart view or a version with all the functionality included.

The same principles that apply to Sailsys also apply to BravoOnDeck. The amount of components and the nature of the software require some skills and good knowledge of the system in order to be able to design applications with BravoOnDeck. But those skills are far less that the ones required for developing software. In addition to that, as components in BravoOnDeck are small and usually well tested, developing with BravoOnDeck is safe and quick.

If a specific customer feature is missing, it can be added using Bravo Systems custom engineering service. Since usually it is only necessary to develop a small component, the new feature can be added in a quick and cost efficient way.